HL-37 Series Hook type/Hook Type Pass-Through Shot Blasting Machine

Product Details

HL-Q37 series hook type shot blasting machine is suitable for castings, forgings and steel structure surface cleaning and shot blasting, to remove the sticky sand, oxidation skin on the surface of the workpiece, also suitable for heat treatment surface cleaning and strengthening, especially suitable for the unfavorable collision of the thin and long, and thin-wall workpiece, effectively improve the appearance quality of product and surface process, has been widely used in aerospace, military, heavy equipment, transportation, chemical metallurgy, mechanical processing and other fields.

HL-Q37 series hook type pass-through is suitable for continuous cleaning of the flat and super long workpiece, which can be hoisted by electric hoist and continuously through the shot blasting cleaning room. According to the cleaning requirement, can be blasting two sides at the same time, can also be blasting one side, then flipped 180°blasting another side. It has the characteristics of high productivity, stable shot blasting, automatic display and automatic monitoring function, and good equipment reliability.