Catenary Pass-through Type Shot Blasting Cleaning Machine

Product Details

Q38, Q48, Q58 continuous, marching, the pile-up chain type cleaning machine is suitable for large quantities of small and medium-sized workpiece surface cleaning, workpiece with the chain can run continuously or marching move, or pile-up chain type moving of the workpiece, to realize the workpiece in the stopped status in the loading, unloading and cleaning area respectively, realize loading,unloading and blasting process in fixed position. It can also be used with the line. Single hook capacity 50-2000kg, high productivity, reliable operation.Widely used in cleaning of engine cylinder, engine head, motor shell, gear, engine shell of motorcycle, locomotive coupler components, bogie components, hardware tools shell, water pump and other industries, it is the ideal choice for surface treatment of transportation, construction machinery, chemical metallurgy and other industries.