Technical Development

Technical Development

To enhance the independent innovation ability and core competitiveness in high-end equipment industries such as automated casting equipment and intelligent robots, we have established a strategic partnership with Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai) and jointly established the "Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai) Qingdao Henglin Intelligent Equipment Research and Development Center", as well as the "Casting Machinery Research Institute" with Shandong University School of Materials Science and Engineering; And maintain cooperative relationships with multiple universities to jointly develop "high-precision and cutting-edge" casting machinery products.

The chief engineer of the company was once in charge of undertaking the research and development tasks of national key projects - efficient shot blasting cleaning line and sand treatment molding line, and designed and developed multiple non-standard products in the casting machinery industry. The company has gathered nearly 20 years of professional theory and practical experience in non-standard equipment, and all products are designed with international advanced software assistance, including rapid modeling, finite element analysis, simulation actions, and interference inspection, By combining modern 3D technology with world advanced technology and matching different program formulas for the upper computer through communication, intelligent and personalized customization such as fully automatic control and remote diagnosis can be achieved.