Quality Control

Quality Control

1. Equipped with large-scale surface cleaning, spraying and other process equipment, ensuring that all steel plates, profiles and other components undergo surface shot blasting treatment, increasing the adhesion of the paint film and improving the service life of the equipment.

2. We have a professional team consisting of industry craftsmen and senior technicians with strong abilities and experience in production, manufacturing, installation, and debugging.

3. All components are made of international or domestic high-quality brands.

4. Key components (robotic arms, shot blasters, etc.) undergo factory load testing and dynamic and static balance testing. Except for standard parts, all other components, sheet metal welding parts, processed parts, etc. are assembled within the company to facilitate product quality control and avoid any mutual shirking.

5. All products have achieved computerized quality tracking management from contract review, drawing design, plan issuance, production production, quality control, logistics delivery, installation and debugging, etc. The installation of each drawing, weld seam, and bolt is traceable and well documented, achieving a lifelong responsibility system for quality issues and ensuring product excellence.