Automatic Pouring Machine

Product Details

The automatic pouring machine is composed of fan-shaped pouring ladle, tilting equipment, transverse moving equipment, longitudinal moving vehicle, inlet and outlet ladle rail, ladle cover, electric control system, power supply, stream inoculation and control room. The pouring ladle has three degrees of motion: longitudinal, lateral movement and inclination, and is a mechanical tilting automatic pouring machine. It can not only support the flaskless automatic line, but also support the flask molding  line for the production of gray iron or ductile iron castings. Equipped with servo transmission, no hydraulic, not only safe and reliable, but also stable operation, easy maintenance, favored by the majority of casting enterprises.

Main characteristics:

(1)The fan-shaped pouring ladle can make the titling angle of the pouring ladle and pouring volume into a certain proportion, and can realize the equal flow pouring at uniform angle speed to ensure the stable flow of iron melt.

(2)Ladle titling and longitudinal moving use servo transmission, and each shaft is independent, composed of PLC, servo controller and other control system, can freely program the movement of each transmission shaft, realize various speed and position control, to meet the functional requirements of the pouring machine.

(3)The moving distance of the pouring ladle at the edge of the sand flask to the flask is 400-700 mm adjustable, which can be adapted to the pouring requirements of the pouring gate in different locations.

(4)During the pouring process, the pouring ladle takes the pouring-tip as the rotary center to realize the same height and position of the pouring-tip to ensure the stable pouring.

(5)When the position of the gating cup is changed, you can set the position of the pouring-tip in the X and Y axis of the ladle by setting or teaching, so that the pouring-tip can be correctly aligned with the gating cup when the automatic ladle in and the longitudinal fixed distance is moved.

(6)The stream incubation is a equipment that can add a certain amount of incubation agent evenly with the iron melt flow while pouring.