Blasting Wheel

Product Details

There are two kinds of HL-P series blasting wheel: linear blade type and  curve blade type with direct motor driven or belt motor driven. The impeller is equipped with eight blades, which is mounted on the spindle axis along with the distribution wheel located in the center of the wheel driven by the motor. The cover is lined with a protective plate, is equipped with control cage and shots inlet tube. While working, the shots flows into the blasting wheel from the shots inlet tube. The distribution wheel rotating synchronously with the blades gives the initial velocity of the shots. The shots are blasted out through the window of the control cage to the high-speed rotating blades outside the control cage. After being further accelerated by the blades, the shots are blasted onto the surface of the workpiece. Because the synchronous rotation of the distribution wheel and the blades ensures no vibration transfer of the shots to the blades, reducing the wear of the blades. The blasting speed of can be 76m-120 m/s, which can achieve different cleaning effects according to different cleaning requirements.