Coated Sand Shell / Core Casting Line

Product Details

Coated sand shell / core casting line is mainly composed of automatic flask loading system, flask conveying system, pouring system, sand shakeout system, shot and sand separation and cooling system, electronic control system, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, smoke treatment system, sand shakeout and screening, dust collecting system, etc. 

The main process is as follows: 

the sand flask with cooling castings enters the flask turnover unit to do the flask turnover and sand shakeout, the hot old sand and shot enter the sand reclamation system, and the castings are taken from the sand shakeout machine and scale machine. The shots after the automatic turnover are separated from the coated shell through the vibration conveyor, plate chained elevator and automatic screening machine. The shots are sent to the sand hopper after cooling. The sand hopper is equipped with a material level sensor to prevent the overflow . Many pneumatic automatic sand adding stations are set in the molding sand hopper. The sand adding equipment is automatically expansion to avoid sand dust overflow. The sand adding inlet is equipped with dust collecting equipment, the dust collecting motor is synchronized with the sand adding, and the pneumatic automatic sand adding station completes the same function. The manipulator puts the sand flasks on the trolleys before the pouring process, the flasks with shells will be transported to the vibrating station to do the vibration after automatic sand adding finishes. The conveyor automatically pushes the finished shell sand mould to the pouring system for pouring, and the finished castings are transported by the ferry to the cooling station for cooling. It is the cycle of the molding line.