Automatic High Pressure Flask Molding line

Product Details

Automatic high pressure flask molding process adopts the molding process of air flow pre-tightening and multi-piston compaction, which is mainly used for the production of castings with complex structure and large mass of production. According to the structure of the sand mould and compaction requirement, only the high pressure compaction can be selected or air flow pre-tightening and multi-piston compaction. 

The  process has the following characteristics:

●Sand mould high hardness, castings high yield and accuracy;

●The surface is smooth, reducing the workload of the casting cleaning  and machining allowance;

●Compaction pressure is adjustable to meet the compaction process requirements of different castings;

●High efficiency of molding, less labor;

●High degree of automation and good working environment.

The control system is equipped with engineering station, the main operation station and the electrical control box of each machine, HMI interface, using industrial control machine, numerical control, PLC onsite, servo technology, proportional valve, frequency conversion control, automatic detection, computer monitoring and other advanced technologies.

The whole line adopts the principle of combining electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic transmission, and the key components adopt international brand products to ensure the smooth and reliable operation of the line.

The whole line of automatic and high efficiency, high casting accuracy, clean working environment, is the current advanced molding line. It has been widely used in automobile castings and other gray iron, ductile iron, cast steel and other high-grade castings in mass production.