Full-automatic Robot Grinding System

Product Details

Automatic robot grinding system is a modular type intelligent grinding system specially developed and designed for various castings, which takes into account the characteristics of high rigidity, high efficiency and high flexibility. When replacing products, only need to replace the fixture, can be completed in a few minutes, the operation is easy and simple.


1.High rigidity: the equipment has excellent rigidity, good mechanical structure can achieve extremely high efficiency to cut a variety of material of the cast iron, cast steel and high alloy casting products.

2.High-speed electric spindle: For the grinding of cast iron and steel castings, the electric spindle has fast grinding speed, high torsion and high surface quality.

3.Dual station conversion system: Dual station working table has the advantages of high bearing, high reliability and so on, short rotation time of the replacement, which can quickly, reliably and safely complete the workpiece loading and unloading, shorten the idling time of the equipment and improve the production efficiency.

4.Laser measurement system: by the laser measurement system, can avoid the error of loading product, at the same time, detecting each product to ensure the qualified rate of grinding.