Green Sand Casting Molding Line

Product Details

Green sand casting molding line, including the sand conditioning part and the mechanized molding part. The main task of sand conditioning part is to provide qualified molding and core sand for the molding and core making station. 

It mainly consists of sand shakeout machine, vibration conveyor, suspension magnetic separator, magnetic separation belt conveyor, elevator, hexagonal sand screen, fluidized bed, sand (auxiliary) electronic scale, sand mixer, etc, equipped with dust collecting system, PLC electronic control system, material level detection system, air control system to realize the equipment automatic operation and  the old sand recycling. 

There are two kinds of mechanized molding: the open molding line and the circle molding line, connecting flask pushing,  flask returning, molding, core setting, sand mould closing, pouring, cooling and other parts, completes the transportation and operation of the trolley and sand flask automatically by the PLC control system.