Iron Based Coated Sand Casting Line

Product Details

Iron based coated sand casting process is to cast the iron inner cavity with a thin layer of coated sand. After repeated process tests and production verification, the weight of iron base, wall thickness and the thickness of the coated sand layer are reasonably combined, so that the forming, solidification and cooling process of the casting is completed in a relatively ideal condition. This line is used for the mass production of crank axle, axle shell, engine cylinder block, balance shaft, cylinder liner, hydraulic valve, gear and other castings.


1.The overall hardness of the sand mould is high, the coated sand covering layer is relatively thin, the casting is easy to mould release , and reliable positioning, high accuracy;

2.Convenient moulding, fast, moulding sand density, casting surface hardness through the equipment guarantee, always consistent. Not only the smooth surface of the casting, tt also improves the shape and size accuracy of the casting.

3.In general, the hardness of the casting by iron based coated sand process is about 20 HB units higher than that casting by ordinary casting process.

4.Especially suitable for the production of large mass of medium, small castings, if mould changing is less, its comprehensive waste rate can be reduced to about 3%.

5.The service life of iron mould can reach more than ten thousand times.