Pulsed Filtering Bag type Dust Collector

Product Details

The pulsed filtering bag type dust collector adopts the downstream dust removal mode of upper air in and lower air out, which greatly reduces the equipment resistance, power consumption, and improves the dust removal effect (more than 12% less than the long-term use of the energy consumption of the dust collector with the same filtering area in China); While working, can realize several cavities ventilation dust removal, back blowing dust collecting mode, offline dust in turn. 

Vertical installation of the bags avoids dust accumulation, the dust-containing air enters the room from the top of the dust collector, evenly distributed, which can effectively improve the service life of the filtering bags which replacement is simple and convenient by taking out from the side door. 

According to different air volume and filtering area, modular design and assembly can be realized, so that the module can be increased at any time according to the national environmental protection requirements, and the dust emission concentration can achieve the emission standard of less than 5mg / m³.