Pulsed Filtering Cartridge type Dust Collector

Product Details

The pulsed filtering cartridge type dust collector is a kind of pulsed filtering dust removal equipment, which has the characteristics of high purification efficiency, small overall size, large filtering area, good filtration effect, small pressure loss, long service life of filtering cartridge, quick and convenient installation and maintenance, etc. It is composed of dust removal chamber, pipe, air inlet, cartridge, air outlet, air bag, pulse controller, pulse valve, blowing pipe, etc. The cartridge is made of polyester fiber folded and rolling up. Its lower end is closed, and the upper end center is facing the lower blowing pipe outlet.

After the dust air enters the cartridge from the air inlet, the airflow speed slows down, and the coarse particles separate from the airflow and settle into the dust collection room. The fine dust is blocked on the outer surface of the cartridge when the airflow goes through the cartridge, and the clean air is discharged from the air outlet; when the ash layer is thick, the pulse controller commands opening the blowing valve, then the compressed air in the air bag is blown at high speed through the pipe, at the same time several times of the around the air as the blowing air into the cartridge, and quickly blown out from the inside, to make the dust on the outer surface of the cartridge down into the dust collection room, and finally discharged by the ash bucket. At the same time, real-time online monitoring can be realized. The dust collector is one of the most widely used and the best dust removal ways in the world.