Special Dust Collector for Furnace, Pouring and Grinding Area

Product Details

Electric furnace dust removal:

The dust removal system of electric furnace is an energy-saving purification equipment for the smoke of the electric furnace while working. In the process of filling and melting, the electric furnace will produce a large amount of high temperature smoke, especially in the filling material, the smoke amount is large, which seriously affects the production and surrounding environment. The dust collector adopts collection, filtration and interception way to control the flue gas, and the purification efficiency can meet the national and local standards.

The main structure of the dust collector: ash bucket, filtering room, air inlet, air outlet, fan, spark capture and other parts, and is equipped with ladder, guardrail, dust collection cover, pipe, ash discharge valve, control system, etc., and can also be designed according to on-site use and customers requirements.

Pouring area dust removal:

The pouring dust removal system is used to process the dust and smoke arisen in the process of pouring the metal melt into the sand mould. There are two kinds of dust removal equipment in general: one is the bag type dust collector, which should be used with powder spraying to prevent the condensation of the flue gas on the bag, improve the dust removal efficiency and the service life of the bag; another one is the spraying tower type dust collector, which efficiency is high, simple structure, low cost, small area occupation, convenient operation and maintenance, especially suitable for processing high temperature, high humidity, flammable and explosive fuel gas. In addition, the dust removal can also remove some gaseous pollutants.

Water spraying dust removal is the way of using washing liquid (generally water) to fully contact with the fuel gas to wash down the dust particles and purify the air. The high pressure nozzle and high efficiency filling material are installed in the circulating spraying system, to make the spraying liquid in the atomization state. When the spraying water contacts with the dust-containing gas, it will form gas and solid mixed liquid. However, due to the solid-liquid separator set up in the tower, most of the large particles are collected, and the spraying water is cycled. With the extension of time, the concentration of absorbing matter in the solution will increase, and the absorption rate will slow down. The composition of the spray liquid can also be adjusted according to the composition of the exhaust fuel gas to do the processing effectively.

Grinding dust removal:

The grinding dust removal system is used to collect and purify the dust-containing gas generated by polishing. Its process is: the following ways are generally available according to the sizes of the workpiece: for small workpieces, generally use grinding working table combined with closed room, the overall dust removal process with worktable imitation design and wind direct to the operation station; medium and large workpiece generally adopts the closed room overall dust removal process combined with the flexible suction arm to purify the air in real time and eliminate dust residue;for super large workpiece or space limited, the flexible closed grinding room is generally used to meet the requirements of environmental protection.

The grinding dust removal system is simple and convenient to operate, all equipment adopts low-noise products, can be customized for the customers workpiece and process, a variety of purification ways can be selected, real-time collecting the dust and harmful substances adsorbed on the dust, to provide a clean, low noise working environment.