Steel Products Pre-treatment Line

Product Details

HL-QXY series Steel products pre-treatment line is mainly used for steel plate and profile surface pre-treatment, can improve the corrosion resistance of mechanical products and metal structure, improve the fatigue resistance of steel plate and profile, prolong its service life, also can optimize the steel plate and profile surface process status, is conducive to CNC cutting precision, effectively remove steel plate and profile surface corrosion, impurities, stress and oxidation skin, etc., while automatic painting and corrosion treatment on the surface of the workpiece.

The whole line is equipped with PLC control, using double system operation of the computer and button operation table, fault diagnosis and alarm, realized from loading→transverse moving→preheating→ shot blasting→cleaning up→painting→drying→out, the whole process automatic (automatic, semi-automatic and manual switch), easy to operate, is the ideal automation complete sets of equipment for the surface removal of the rust, welding slag, stress and painting pre-treatment of the steel plate and profile. The performance reaches the international advanced level.