Trolley Type Shot Blasting Machine

Product Details

HL-Q35 / Q36 / Q76 trolley type shot cleaning machine mainly consists of shot (blasting) cleaning room, blasting wheel assembly, shots circulation purification system, blasting system, maintenance platform, shots supplement equipment, trolley, dust collecting system and PLC part.

There are two kinds in general: one is the Q76 series flat trolley type shot blasting cleaning machine, in which the flat trolley carries the workpieces, shot blasting while walking;  another type is Q35, Q36 series trolley type shot blasting cleaning machine, shot blasting while rotating. Generally suitable for large and medium-sized steel (iron) castings, forgings, plate welding workpiece shot (blasting) cleaning, to remove the surface of sticky sand, rust, oxidation skin, dirt tp make the workpiece surface metal color, eliminate the internal stress of the workpiece, improve the fatigue resistance, increase the workpiece painting adhesion, and finally achieve the purpose of improving the workpiece surface and internal quality. At the same time, with a blasting gun mechanism to do the supplementary cleaning, to achieve the purpose of complete cleaning.