Vacuum Process Molding Line

Product Details

Vacuum process molding line uses the film to seal the sand flask, and uses the vacuum pump to pump out of the air to form the pressure difference inside and outside, to tight the dry sand, to form the required cavity. The biggest advantage of V process casting to the traditional sand casting is that it does not use binder, so it reduces environmental pollution, and the labor of sand cleaning of castings is greatly reduced. The recovery rate of old sand can reach more than 95%. 

It is composed of sand conditioning system and molding system. The sand conditioning system is composed of old sand cooling and conveying equipment, dust collecting equipment, PLC system, etc. to realize the recycling of old sand; molding system is composed of flasks, mould lifting system,mobile vibrating table, etc. Equipped with flask turnover manipulator to form a molding line with high degree of automation. This process is a kind of environmental protection molding process, known as the "green revolution of the foundry industry".